How many wars are we expected to fight in New Jersey? From protests in Newark to Morristown, the shootings in Dallas have not deterred local activists from protesting police brutality.

We're already fighting a war overseas on terrorism that's taken the lives of many of our loved ones since the events of September 11. If we ever expect to win that war, we need to stand together and unite, regardless of race, creed or skin color. We do not need or want to fight a civil war as well.

What must the world think as we take to the streets protesting each other? Have any of these protests ever accomplished anything? The only thing these protests do is get the organizers some publicity, give the participants a story to tell, and get those who are paid to protect them killed. All of which gives the media something to write and talk about.

Think about that, because thanks to what happened in Dallas, these protests now have a death toll. Five police officers lost their lives because they were doing their jobs which was to protect protesters.

What are the protesters hoping to accomplish? Are they looking to raise awareness? Do we not know that it is wrong to shoot innocent people? Do we know for a fact that the officers being rallied against are in fact racists or are they innocent? That's why we have a justice system. What we do know is that a shooter in Dallas set out to shoot police and succeeded. I'm not seeing a lot of protests about that shooter.

By the way, if you look the number of those killed by police so far this year, of the 509 killed, 238 were white , 123 were black, 79 hispanic/latino, 69 other/unknown.

While I completely can understand protests where the goal is better wages, or getting laws changed, I don't understand what the end game is in this situation, nor do I see where they have worked in the past. When innocent police officers lose their lives, there's got to be a better way to not only make the point, but achieve a solution.

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