Twice a year in Roosevelt, we have the big trash pickup day. On this day you can get rid of all the big items you’ve been storing on the side of your house, your old furniture, and whatever else you can think of. We used to start the weekend off with a yard sale but people started to realize that if they waited long enough, our stuff would probably just end up out on the sidewalk for free.

David Sacks, ThinkStock

You wouldn’t believe the junk that people hold on to, until you finally see it out on their lawn. I've seen stereos like Pioneer, Craig, and Electrophonic. People will also get rid of lots of old television sets, like Admiral Televisions. You also wouldn’t believe what you can find if you go through that junk. Sometimes you can find antiques that people didn’t even know they had - it's rare but it happens.

Throughout the weekend, trucks are usually rolling through the borough looking for either someone else's treasure, or something they can sell. I used to love going through the town on big pickup day - now, I just see it as someone else's trash in my house, waiting for me to throw it away next time.

How do you feel about this? What’s the best thing you’ve ever acquired either at a major trash day or yard sale?