A yacht reportedly exploded off Sandy Hook injuring at least 7 people but no wreckage or passengers have been found.

Ambulance crews, however, have been sent home and most helicopters are leaving the area. The Coast Guard is still on scene.

The Coast Guard had launched two helicopters from Atlantic City as well as vessels from Sandy Hook and Jones Beach to respond to the yacht in distress reports WNYW TV. Two NYPD helicopters also responded. However, 2 hours after the report of the explosion, wreckage of the boat nor its passengers had been located.

Ambulances and medical helicopters were at the ready at the Sandy Hook National Guard station.

WNBC TV reported  21 people were on board the "Blind Date" which was just over 17  miles away from the shore when the explosion occured around 4:20PM.



Many of the victims have suffered burns and a medivac helicopter is enroute as well.Rangers with the National Park Service, which manages the Gateway National Recreation Area at Sandy Hook, declared a mass casualty incident reports WNYW.

A major electrical outage after the explosion forced the  use of solar emergency radio to report the incident, Coast Guard spokesman Erik Swanson told CBS New York.

The private boat Erica is helping with the rescue according to WABC TV, which reports all on board are accounted for.

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