By Bill Doyle

For many Facebook users, their friends list includes childhood acquaintances, work friends, relatives, and a group of people they may have never met. They could be in just about any category; for me, most of the Facebook "friends" I have that I've never met are the offspring of relatives that I do know; but I'll probably never meet them.

One woman is endeavoring to meet all 600 of her Facebook friends in person. This obviously includes people she does know, but they also may be people she hasn't seen in years.


Tanja Hollander has a much more social approach to social media.


She hatched the plan on New Year's Eve 2010 with what she estimates was "about $50 in my bank account."

So far, so good. Hollander has followed through across "43 states, 97 cities, 11 countries and 4 continents" on a social media adventure funded largely by sales of her portraits and, as she puts it, "just hustling."

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