It looks like the movement for legalization of marijuana in New Jersey is not stopping anytime soon.

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

A new bill, Assembly bill 2842,  is being introduced that would allow people to have less than one ounce of marijuana in their possession, if it is passed into law. The bill was introduced on March 10th by Assemblymen Reed Gusciora (D-Mercer)  and Michael Patrick Carroll (R-Morris). The fate of this bill would be in the hands of voters.

Many are in support of legalizing marijuana in New Jersey. They believe that it would be beneficial for medicinal purposes, it would help the economy, and it would be a step forward in ending the war on drugs.

Others feel that the legalization of marijuana is a bad idea, because it is a gateway to other drugs, and would ultimately make the war on drugs worse.

If voters are allowed to approve of this bill, how would you vote?