The past couple of months have been rough for Governor Chris Christie. 

Jeff Zelevansky, Getty Images

Christie went from having a clean political record, to being the center of the Bridgegate scandal, and another scandal involving advertisements made for tourism at the Jersey Shore. As if that weren't enough, now there is talk that Christie may have been involved in yet another scandal, with Governor Cuomo of New York.

The Governor's top aides are being accused of staging the 2011 Port Authority toll hike. The purpose of this was so that Christie and Cuomo could oppose the toll increase and get on the good side of voters.

There is no proof that Christie was directly involved in any of these scandals, and he still hasn't announced whether or not he is planning to run for President. Former Republican Presidential Candidate, John McCain, thinks Governor Christie still has a fair shot at winning the Presidential race if he chooses to run.