As Atlantic City closes more of its casinos, the idea of opening gaming centers in other parts of the state is being considered.

(Fernando Camino, Getty Images)

A developer has proposed a 90-story hotel and casino in Jersey City, even though gambling is currently not allowed outside of Atlantic City. The hotel would feature other attractions, such as the world's largest Ferris Wheel, and a car racetrack. Is this a good way to generate revenue, or is it just a waste of money?

Some argue that building a casino outside of Atlantic City will make the city suffer even more - a casino in North Jersey will attract tourists from the surrounding areas, and will discourage those people from traveling to Atlantic City to gamble. Others think that having casinos concentrated in one city is a bad idea, and they should be spread evenly throughout the state.

Others are in favor of the idea, and do think it would be profitable for the state.

Do you think casinos should open outside of Atlantic City?