It seems like we lived in a Jetta and Bug-loving world until a few days ago, when the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal broke.

(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Regardless of where you stand on climate change and clean car emissions, we can all agree that lying isn't acceptable. It's also disconcerting when the liar is a major company with an otherwise good reputation.

A quick look at the internet shows many people were not happy to find out that Volkswagen rigged its emissions tests.

Meanwhile at Volkswagen...

— Emanuele Venturoli (@RTR_MotoGP) September 24, 2015


All I know is Herbie would never have lied about his emissions test results. You let him down, #Volkswagen

— Michael Pattinson (@MikePattinson) September 22, 2015


Personally, the scandal makes me question the integrity of those running the company, and whether they could've lied on other tests like safety trials. So while I would still buy a Volkswagen because they've proved to be reliable for my friends and family in the past, I would make sure to read plenty of third party opinions first.

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