An animal rescue in Morris County turned even more dramatic and dangerous Sunday morning when an amphibious vehicle containing five responders sank. Its crew was tossed into the freezing water of Mills Pond in Roxbury where workers had been trying to rescue a stranded deer stuck out on the ice. They had almost reached the deer when something suddenly went wrong and the craft tipped and sank. The rescuers suddenly became the rescuees. All five were gotten out safely and the deer eventually was saved as well. The deer was taken to a veterinarian for care.

Now this was all the work of good, kind hearts just to save a stuck animal that didn't have a name and was no one's pet. Hearing all this I imagined the much greater emotional struggle you'd face if you had to make a quick decision about putting your own life at risk to save your pet. Remaining inside your home as it is going up in flames to search for your dog instead of just getting out is one example.

I would never tell anyone they were wrong for their choice. In my life I've had 4 cats and 3 dogs and loved them all dearly. If it were low risk of anything happening to me I certainly would try to save them. It's when the risk is so high that I'm talking about. Imagine a scenario where it's maybe 50/50 or worse that you'll make it out alive by trying to save a pet. Would you do it then? Especially as a husband and father, with people who are depending on me, I'd have to make them my priority and save myself. For a human life, you can bet I'd die trying though. But everyone is different. What do you think you would do?

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