We parents have all been there.  Christmas morning toy explosion takes over the whole house.  Children are insanely happy.  Everything is their favorite.  "Open this, open this one."  Fast forward 6 weeks.  At least half of what you've spent way too much on to begin with sits abandoned like some compromised freak on the Island Of Misfit Toys.  Sometimes you even almost defensively attempt to get them re-interested in certain toys.  "Nah" is a common response.  Then along comes this idea.  This one, brilliant idea.  Rent the toys.  Rotate them out just like NetFlix.  A new batch comes.  You send back, then another new batch comes.  Yes right now you're thinking OMG the germ factor!  Because everyone else's kid is far nastier than YOUR kid!  They sanitize everything to the point it's probably cleaner than a new toy fresh out of the box.  And besides, you let your kids crawl on every staph infected play structure this side of the Delaware and you hit the purell and get over it.  If there is a downside to this business model I can't think of one.  Someone's going to make a fortune

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