Another Fourth of July has come and gone, and we were witness to some of the best fireworks displays but not without complications.

(Photo: Justin Edmonds, Getty Images)

In Seaside Heights, the town's firework stash was soaked by a wave. In Sparta a man was arrested for refusing to dismantle the firework display he planned for his party. And a notable injury occurred in Florida when the Giants' defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul nearly blew off some fingers.

As you probably know, New Jersey is a “no fun on the fourth state,” meaning that we do not allow consumer fireworks. So we're at the mercy of public displays that might get washed out by the ocean, or canceled due to lack of funding. Or, we're penalized for being patriotic at our own barbecues.

Would you like to be able to set off your own fireworks in New Jersey? Did you ever set off your own? If so what did you do? Tell us your thoughts on this topic in the poll and comments section below.