Some people say rain on your wedding day is good luck. What would those same people say about a wedding ceremony being moved into a bathroom?

Imagine this difficult choice. You and your bride are at the courthouse where you about to be married in a civil ceremony. All of a sudden your mother begins to have breathing problems in the ladies room. The Monmouth County Sheriff Department officers rendered aid and gave her oxygen in the restroom while they waited for an ambulance. They were afraid to move her. So the whole ceremony is canceled, right?


One of the officers seeing how upset the couple was at the thought of having to wait another 45 days for their marriage license to be re-processed if they didn't go through with it right then had an idea. Hold the ceremony in the bathroom where the mother was receiving oxygen. Were they willing? Would you be willing?

They were. The judge, Katie Gummer, agreed to come into the ladies room with Brian Schultz and his bride Maria, brought in the witnesses, and right there with the mother receiving emergency oxygen they went through with the brief ceremony.

I don't know if I could have done this. I'm not judging, as I don't know this couple's circumstances. But for me, it would be tough enough having a courthouse wedding. The idea of then moving it into a bathroom would haunt me forever. Did they clear it of all strangers first? Or was a courtesy flush needed here and there? See what I mean? Too many jokes. But hey, if it works for them that's great. The couple is doing fine and so is the mom by the way.

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