If you were carrying weed and the cops stopped you, where would you hide it? Would you ever think of putting it in an intimate area?? And should cops be allowed to look ANYWHERE if they smell weed at a traffic stop and can’t find it?? I have always been a huge supporter of law enforcement and have always had great respect for the police but even I can admit that sometimes they just go to far.

On a newly released bodycam video, Jack Levine was pulled over on a Burlington county road and cops who thought they smelled the odor of weed on him, and simply could not find it, decided to really do a “thorough” search. The video shows troopers looking and feeling down Levine's pants and pretty darn near feeling the guy up, apparently feeling his genitals and anus for the alleged marijuana.

These cops went a very long way to try to find weed that they suspected a guy of carrying. I’ve never even heard of cops being allowed to body search someone on the side of the road, but searching a man’s anus and down his underwear for weed is beyond the pale.

It got me thinking, though. If you had to hide something quickly, where would you put it? And would you ever consider burying it in a body orifice? Up your nose? In your ears? If so, should cops be allowed to look there?

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