Vice President Joe Biden thinks that Bruce Springsteen was not only “Born To Run” for President, but he tells Billboard that the boss would do well in Middle America.

Could a rocker actually be the Commander in Chief? That’s the question I posed Thursday night and even outlined Bruce’s views on education and the economy through his music.

Among the callers weighing in was comedian and host of That Metal Show, Jim Florentine, who brought up two other rocker options for the Oval Office, Tom Morello from Rage Against The Machine and Ted Nugent.

Florentine’s one man show  “I Am Your Savior,” which was released April 1st, includes him talking about growing up Jersey.

If Ronald Reagan could go from Hollywood to the White House, why couldn't a rocker? As a fan you buy into the dreams of your favorite artist as told to you by their lyrics. Could they make those dreams come true if given the power? Would you be let down as a fan if they did not?

We’ve heard several complaints about Bruce giving his views on stage. To that I say: why shouldn't he? Or do you think musicians should separate their politics from their music? In my opinion, your fans are your friends. If they’re listening to you why not give them all of what you’re about (including your politics) then see if they stay with you? For those that want the music and politics separated, the speeches are a perfect time to buy another beer or hit the bathroom, probably in that order.

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