Would you feel good about driving behind the guy in this picture? 


Jeff Deminski/NJ1015

As you can see from the angle the photo is taken, I did not.  Now I realize the very thing that makes this hauling job dangerous is also the thing that means it will probably be just fine.

Tires are heavy.  They can be dangerous if one should come out.  Especially since it's made of rubber and can then bounce and go airborne.  But, tires are heavy.  So they will probably not come out.  I've been a driver for a living.  I get that the driver might not be crazy about this particular load either but just had to do it.

Still, that tire on the verrrrrry top which is above that blue side rail concerns me.  As does the fact the tires in the very back are 65% above the gate.  This was at highway speed and all I could think was how hard of a pothole strike would it take to launch one of these babies?

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