For the Montclair State University swim team, a snow day doesn't mean what it does for the rest of us.

As a massive snowstorm hit New Jersey this weekend, the team decided — hey, water's water, whatever form it's in.

"We had a practice swim in the morning and we were talking about doing it," quotes swimmer Mick Vanoosten saying. "We planned to do four different strokes in a sequence - it was freezing when we all dived in. "After the snow swim we all sprinted inside and had a hot shower!"

They weren't alone. All over social media, lots of people were taking the "#snowswim" challenge. Some were fairly dedicated, like Courtey Lawson, a senior from Shippensburg High School in Pennsylvania and a member of the school's swimming team:

Some of our other favorite #snowswim videos (starting with another from NJ!):

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