A survey by 24/7 Wall Street ranks New Jersey as one of the "worst run" states in the nation, based largely on the size of its public debt.

"New Jersey is one of only a handful of states where debt exceeded the state's 2012 fiscal revenues," 24/7 Wall Street reported.

New Jersey Statehouse (VisionsofAmerica/Joe Sohm, Getty Images)

The report goes on to acknowledge some rosier numbers for the Garden State, including the third highest median household income ($70,000 in 2013) and a median home value almost double the national median. But it said these are offset by the high cost of living in New Jersey, third highest in the US in 2012.

How many states does 274/7 Wall Street ranks as worse than New Jersey? Only these seven, from the bottom up:

  • Illinois
  • New Mexico
  • Mississippi
  • Rhode Island
  • Kentucky
  • Arizona
  • Georgia