She's from Cedar Rapids, Iowa but it's a British story so let me do the stone to pound conversion for you. She weighs 789 pounds (56.4 st), and her name is Charity Pierce and she's in love. She is on record as the heaviest woman alive. She has been housebound since 2001.

Tony Slur, her fiance, never has seen her as anything but beautiful and to him her weight is no issue. To her, she fears dying in her sleep from the strain on her system and is finally willing to do something about it. Good for her! She wants to have a gastric bypass and need to lose 280 pounds on her own before she's even allowed to do that. The weight she wants to become is 196 pounds. Which will mean a weight loss of 593 pounds. She dreams of being able to walk down the aisle to her beloved. I wish her all the luck in the world!