It's Monday.  Are you blue? A new psychological study shows workplace moods have little to do with what day it is.

Flickr User Alex E. Proimos

Psychology Professor Arthur Stone of Stony Brook University asked 340-thousand subjects from a Gallup poll about their daily workplace moods. While some reported Monday as being, "a bit blue," their overall mood wasn't much worse on Monday than it was on any other weekday.

Stone says his findings also do not take much stock in "hump day." He says the workers he surveyed did not see much of a mood boost in Wednesday as getting them past the middle of the week.

Carl Van Horn of the Rutgers Workforce Development Center says your mood has more to do with your workplace than it does with the workday. He says it is more about whether workers think they are being fairly compensated, what they think of their co-workers, what they think of their bosses and their superiors.

Stone found people's moods are brighter on Saturdays and Sundays.