Questions have been raised about whether smoke detectors were a factor in last week's South Plainfield fire tragedy.

South Plainfield Mayor Matthew Anesh said late last week smoke alarms were not working in a portion of the home where five family members died...including four kids. But homeowner Gerado Avalos says smoke detectors were installed and working when he checked them last October.

Cherry Hill Fire Marshal Tom Shemeley says each floor of a dwelling should have one and they should be checked at least twice a year. He says when they go off, you should get everybody in the dwelling out as quickly as possible. Shemeley says they also recommend that every family have a plan for dealing with a fire emeregncy.

Shemeley says sometimes people will try to determine the cause of the alarm or worse, try to deal with the fire themselves. He says geting out and calling for help should be your priorities.

Thursday's early morning fire was the deadliest on record for South Plainfield Borough. Authorities are still investigating the cause of the fast-moving blaze.