When you hear the phrase "Only in New Jersey" there's a reason for that. There is terminology and words that could mean one thing anywhere else but in New Jersey, it has an entirely different meaning to residents of the Garden State.

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The website Buzzfeed, created a great new list of "Words That Have a Totally Different Meaning in New Jersey." Terms like "tolls," "Benny," and "diners" all have different meanings if you go anywhere else in the country. But in New Jersey, terms like that have a special meaning to those who live here.

We wanted to add to the list, so we came up with a couple other terms that has a meaning that only New Jerseyans will understand.

"The Boss"

Anywhere else in the country, you're talking about the person you usually despise seeing from Monday -Friday from 9-to-5 or maybe even longer.

In New Jersey? We're talking about a musical legend held in high regard from Asbury Park.

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"Karma" -

Normal definition would mean what people believe to be how their actions and intent tend to influence future events and luck in their lives.

In New Jersey: Karma has nothing to do with your future, rather it is a trendy nightclub in Seaside Heights.

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The normal definition would be a woman who stays home and is a care giver for the family.

In New Jersey the phrase "housewife" unfortunately centers around a few ritzy socialites that have their own reality tv show,.

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What other terms are "New Jersey specific?" Keep the list going below.