Car shows can turn up anywhere at anytime in New Jersey. Perfect case in point this past Tuesday I thought I was bringing my fiancée and her mom out for an agonizing time shopping at Woodbridge Center Mall when I saw a huge cruise night in the parking lot and darnit I had to go to work and not spend time shopping. Awe shucks!

Part of the reason why I love car shows and cruise nights is the stories behind the cars but these three were just bought on a whim.

First is this 1935 Ford Pick-Up with a Flat Head V8 and 3 speed trans. All original frame off restoration and 10 years ago the owner who is also a member of the Edison Light Cruisers put in a more comfy and stylish interior that perfectly goes with this beautiful truck.

Next up is this 1966 Chevy Belair one of my personal top 5 favorite cars and body styles another all original car numbers matching. The most amazing thing about this car is why the owner decided against putting in the V8 like he planned on doing when he saw at highway speeds this car cruised to 26 MPG.

Finally for the "bought on a whim" cars is this black and chrome big wing beauty a 1959 Lincoln Continental Mark IV convertible. Back in the day you could buy one of these for $7,056 with a 350 hp 490 lbs-ft V8  from your local Lincoln dealer if you were lucky enough to be one of the 2,195 (total production for that year)  this 5175 lb luxury brute with power everything could be yours.

Now about the great stories here are two of the best.

This 1955 Chevy Bel Air convertible belongs to a retired member of the Port Authority Police who was there for the 9/11 attacks where he lost 3 of his friends and stayed on for a few more years to help with the clean up effort. After he retired he bought himself this gift and if you ask me he deserves this iconic piece of automobile history and so much more. To the owner of this Bel Air  thank you sir.

Finally this 1960 Plymouth Savoy with a 225 slant 6 was bought new by the owners father from a Central Jersey( Yes Central Jersey, it does exist and I was born, raised and live in Central Jersey) Plymouth dealer in the 70's his dad bought a Plymouth Satellite and wanted to junk this Savoy. The scrap yard was going to give him $25 for the car but he had to get it there so him and his wife decided to give it to their son who still drives it today. The coolest thing about this car is the factory installed RCA Victor 45 record player  that still works. I love stories like this only if my dad thought about this before he got rid of his 1974 Chevy Nova.

To finish this article up how about two radical rides. Before I get into that I would like to thank Steve from Kroozin Productions he showed me around and introduced me to so many great car enthusiasts. He also told me that they work with so many amazing  charities. So to find out where and when a Kroozin Production cruise night is happening nearest you or to enter your car FREE all makes, models, and years welcome click here

I never thought a 1970's VW Bug could be cool but I also never saw a 1975 Kelmark GT. This car is powered by a modified 1700cc VW motor bolted to a 4 speed trans though I was told soon to be 5 speed all wrapped in a fiberglass body. So I have to admit with the right kit a 70's Beetle can be cool.

Now for some Mopar madness a 1966 Plymouth Roadrunner this is one bad car from factory but this one has a 383 bored 60 over and what I'm told it goes like hell and when a Mopar guy says that you know it's the truth remember the 80's  Dodge GLH cars.  He got this car because he had one when he was younger and had to get another, I know along time from now I'm going to be enjoying retirement in a 1998-2002 Camaro SS with chameleon paint like the one I had. He also told me that he had a Challenger SRT and got rid of it because it was too slow, now this guy speaks my language.

Keeping with the Mopars next week I will be checking out the new SRT line up and maybe get to sit down with a Dodge rep to see if these new SRT's live up to the badging.

Let me know your favorite story or car in this post.