In a suit filed in Federal Court in Camden, a Berlin woman alleges her employer refused to accommodate her disability which is: she suffers from anxiety when driving in traffic. She wanted her employer, Fulton Financial in Lancaster, PA, to adjust her schedule so she wouldn’t have to drive in rush hour traffic, but they refused. She also claims that she was fired for blowing the whistle on that inhumane treatment.

The suit claims that traffic causes her anxiety and depression, and it is especially bad during rush hour. She had requested a shift that would allow her to come in after the morning rush and to leave before the afternoon rush; she says the firm briefly accommodated her and then stopped, eventually firing her. This seems like the legal equivalent of a half court shot, but stranger things have happened; it’s almost stunning how brash this lawsuit is. Rush hour traffic bothers everybody and a business needs to schedule according to need, not anxiety; I hope her “disability” gets laughed out of court.