I don’t think I’ve ever seen a story like this, and I would say “only in America” except its a Canadian story, but a female motorist who struck and killed a 17 year old boy on his bicycle is suing the dead boy’s family for, among other things, her emotional distress, depression, and post-traumatic stress. According to the Toronto Sun, she is also suing the other two bicyclists she killed, one who suffered only scratches, and one who broke his pelvis and might wind up crippled for life. She is suing for $1.35 million and is claiming that the boys were “incompetent bicyclists” for not applying their brakes in time. She is also suing the county for not maintaining the road properly.

Can you imagine killing someone’s child and then suing the dead boy because it caused you emotional distress? Needless to say, the parents of the boy are incensed, especially since the woman admitted she was speeding, although no breathalyzer was administered. The slain boy’s parents are in turn suing the driver for medical and funeral costs.