Ronna Scoratow is 63 years old and in good health, physically anyway. Mentally, some might argue, based on an interesting story of how she has a provision in her will that when she dies $5,000 will go to the perpetual care of her house plant. She has owned the plant since 1972 when it was under a foot tall. She told the Wall Street Journal that she doesn't know how long philodendrons live, but imagines it could be forever if they are properly cared for. "After I pass, I don't want her to go unloved," she said.

Although Scoratow said she rescues house plants and nurtures them in her home (RESCUES??? Even PLANTS are now being RESCUED???), she has made no arrangements for those other plants in her will. Only this one plant is apparently the love of her life. She has no children and her lawyer calls the provision for the philodendron "interesting," adding that "I've done provisions for pets, but never a plant."