Now that Tuesday's election is history - and the dust is beginning to settle - members of the Legislature will make their way back to Trenton in the coming days to finish up the 2011 "lame duck" session.

Governor Christie says "I think we need to deal with education reform right away- we spend more on K to 12 education than any state in America, and we are not getting the results statewide for it- and especially in our most challenged districts, we are having awful, awful results for the most money that we spend."

The Governor also stresses "we have an awful disparity in the funding formula that is unfair to suburban and rural taxpayers across the state…the combination of showing no result and being unfair to the majority of the people in the state I think is a concern."

He adds "I intend to sit down in the next week or so- if not sooner- with the leaders of the Legislature - and see what's on their mind now that the election is over ."

When asked how confidant he was that State Senate President Steve Sweeney will agree to move education reform legislation in the Upper House, Christie replied:

 "I live in hope - I'm the Governor of New Jersey - I live in hope…Steve and I have a very good relationship - we always have…I know I'm not going to get everything I want- but that doesn't mean I'm not going to advocate for everything I want - and then if there's an appropriate compromise available I'll make it."