With Wednesday's demolition of the Circus Drive-in came a lot of nostalgic calls to our show. We closed out Wednesday's show with a tribute to the Circus and even had one gentleman call in who had worked there for 30 years. He got choked up live on-air talking about the wonder family he worked for and all the good times. This place on 35 in Wall Twp. was so special to so many people a crowd gathered just to watch the walls come down. The iconic big clown sign out front was hauled away in a truck. Tears were shed. After 64 years of memories it was all gone in only 20 minutes.

Others called in about places they remembered. Some that you'll see in this video. Words and music by Paul Czekaj and vocals by Bobby Bandiera it's a series of pictures of lost Jersey places. Some were before my time by I still counted at least 8 that I remember. If you have older relatives they'd love to see this even more so share it with them.

Here's one dedicated just to the memories of Palisades Amusement Park. I was never there as it closed in 1971 but for those who remember it this will take you back.

This is a video of old attractions up and down the Jersey shore.

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