In a bizarre ending that capped a tough weekend for replacement officials, the Seattle Seahawks beat the Green Bay Packers 14-12 on Russell Wilson's disputed 24-yard touchdown pass to Golden Tate on the final play.

Controversal call against the Packers at end of Monday's game (Twitter)

Wilson scrambled from the pocket and threw to the corner of the end zone as the clock expired. Tate shoved Green Bay's Sam Shields out of the way, then wrestled with M.D. Jennings for possession after Jennings got both hands on the ball.

One politician let his feelings be known after the wild ending of the game. Many other fans took to Twitter to express their displeasure with the call.

Wisconsin State Senator Jon Erpenbach tweeted NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's office phone number after the replacement officials mishandled the final play of the game.

Erpenbach said in a separate tweet that if Monday night's ending did not spark an end to the lockout of the regular officials "this season will be a joke."

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