New Jersey 101.5 offers a free Winter Weather Alert program for both schools and businesses to post cancellations and delays during bad weather.

Heavy snow in Manasquan near Squan Plaza (Joe Palmer, Townsquare Media NJ)

I already have a Winter Weather Alert account. Do I need to do anything to use it this winter?

No. Access your account like you did last winter with the same user name and password.

We have had a change in personnel. How do I make a change to our existing account?

Because an email address is required to access a Winter Weather Watch account  you will unfortunately have to create a new account. Changes cannot be made to the email address connected to an existing account.

Can the old account's password be changed?

Yes. Log onto the account and change the password.

The person who handles the account is no longer here and we don’t know the log-in information.

Call our Stormwatch/Winter Weather Alert administrator Dan Alexander at (609)359-5358. He will look up the account and help update your account.

I don’t have an account? How do I sign up?

Go to the website and create a free account by clicking the link “Click here to register.” You will enter your organization’s information and then receive an email confirming your email account.

Does it cost anything to use our Winter Weather Alert program?

No. It is a free service for all public & private schools, daycares, churches,  government agencies, companies or anyone with a number of people who need to know their status.

I didn’t receive an email and now I can’t log in. What do I do?

Remember to check your email account’s junk or spam folder. You can go to the website and click “Forgot Password.” Or, call Stormwatch/Winter Weather Alert administrator Dan Alexander at (609)359-5358.

I have my log-in email and password. Can I try a practice report?

Yes. Log into the website with your email and password. Instead of reporting a closure, select “test”

How do I know that my closure or delay was received?

After you click SUBMIT you will go to a page with your organization’s current status. You can also go to the station’s website and check by entering in organization’s name in the search field.

I went through all the steps and I don’t see my organization. What do I do?

Send an email to and Dan will check the status.

I reported a delayed opening but now we are closing. Can I update my report?

Yes. Log back into your account and change your status.

I have several locations. Do I need to log in for every location to report?

No. You may add other locations to your account and submit a report for one or multiple locations as needed.

Why can’t I just call in my cancellation or delay?

The number of organizations that participate in the program has grown over the years as to be overwhelming to take phone calls. The website allows you to report when you are ready without delay.

I don’t like using a computer. I’d really rather just rather call in.

We’re sorry but the website is the only way we accept reports. Perhaps someone else in your organization is more comfortable using a computer.

What if there’s no power or I lose my internet connection?

We suggest you have several people able to report in the event of power or internet failure, vacation, etc. Remember that the website is accessible via mobile device, iPad and other tablet devices.

Where do people find out about cancellations & delays?

The website is for organization use only. A list of cancellations & delays is available on our station websites. The Winter Weather Alert will prominently be displayed on the front page of the website when there are cancellations and delays to report.

Do you announce the full list on New Jersey 101.5?

No. The list is simply too to read in its entirety. We always refer listeners to our station websites for the latest cancellations & delays. Again, the list can be accessed via mobile device, iPad and other tablet devices.