While New Jersey’s heaviest snow finished falling overnight, wet and icy conditions will last all day Saturday.

Snow falls on the NJ Turnpike near exit 7 (@theweatherboy via Twitter)

As of mid-morning, this coastal storm system was done accumulating snow in New Jersey. But we’re certainly not finished with the wintry weather impacts just yet. As the heaviest precipitation bands move off-shore and out-of-state, and as temperatures climb above the freezing mark, our attention will turn to the potential for icing and heavy rain for the rest of the day.

Overnight snow accumulations averaged about 4 inches statewide. Parts of North Jersey experienced up to 9 inches of fresh snow, while parts of South Jersey saw nothing but rain.

January 24, 2015 Snowfall Totals (Townsquare Media)
Following several inches of snowfall across New Jersey overnight, the cleanup begins. (Dan Zarrow photo)

The latest computer models show rain (possibly with some snow or sleet mixed in) continuing for at least part of the state through about 7 PM tonight. As the rain falls onto cold surfaces - including our fresh snowpack - it will potentially freeze and create a layer of ice. Additionally, bands of moderate to heavy rain this afternoon could cause slushy conditions and even minor flooding, especially since storm drains are likely covered with snow and ice.

Obviously, driving will be difficult through the rest of the day due to the snow and ice. That will improve as crews plow and salt the roads. In addition, as rain further saturates the snow, it will become heavier and very difficult to shovel and plow. The weight may also bring down tree branches and even power lines. Even though this isn't a "major" winter storm, patience is required as it will likely take some time to clean up this wintry mess.

Beyond today, we’ll see a quiet night and a quiet Sunday with mild temperatures around 40 degrees. (Maybe a little cooler where snow is on the ground.) We’re still watching another storm system for Monday. With colder temperatures, I would expect that storm to be all snow. The models have yet to settle on a definitive solution for this back-to-work storm... possible accumulations range from a couple inches to many, many inches. We’ll continue to keep an eye on it, and it's important that you do as well.

Woke up to snow this morning?  If you took photos, let us see them before the rain washes it away! Send us your snow photos below!