Here we go again.

I really feel there's an unwritten rule that once March comes it's a human rights violation for anything amounting to more than a dusting of snow. Illogical? Of course! After all it is still winter until March 20. Still, it seems like there should be a suggestion box in the cosmos where we can all file our complaints.

Seriously though, this latest nor'easter could be a bad one. So for those of us who aren't getting a snow day and will need to be on the roads no matter what, Sarte applies. Hell is other people. So what is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to people's driving in winter weather? We asked our listeners on Tuesday's show and here are some of the top answers.

1) Not. Turning. On. Your. Headlights.

2) While it's legal to turn on your hazards while driving, having half the drivers on the road with their flashers on is just distracting. We know it's snowing, and we can already see you're going slower.

3) Those who refuse to clear the snow off the tops of their cars are universally hated. Wednesday's nor'easter will bring wet, heavy snow, not the light powder. Please, clear it.

4) Tailgating because you think the guy in front of you is going too slow. You're not him. Your car isn't his car. You don't know his or its situation, so stop being an idiot and back off.

5) Driving steadily in someone's blindspot or driving right alongside them and pacing them. Both are dangerous.

6) Not clearing off the entire windshield and trying to drive by only chopping out what amounts to a port hole to see through.

7) The All Wheel Drive idiot who thinks his car is completely impervious to slipping, sliding or crashing.

8) Speeding. Just stop it.

9) Not knowing how to steer out of a skid. This of course impacts you, but now it can impact me.

10) Being on the road when you don't need to be. Seeing someone out driving when plow crews are trying to clear the roads then seeing that person pull in to pick up a sushi order makes you lose your faith in mankind.

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