Maybe you’re like me, very much in the minority who’s not playing Powerball, because I don’t want to change my life in one fell swoop.

Alright, truth be told, my wife bought a ticket. And I’m not going to be throwing it out anytime soon since she’s the one who bought it.

But would you be ready to change your life in one fell swoop should you win the entire jackpot?

Not me.

I wouldn’t need the aggravation of having to deal with who should get what; along with countless others with their hands out.

Winning would mean leaving the threadbare existence I so enjoy. Having to move and all that!

I know, it seems like madness; but I do mean that.

Whatever "rut" I happy to be in I'm happy with!

Got my health, am happily married, have a great family with a beautiful grandson.
Nah! I’d rather just leave everything the way it is.

Besides there’ve been too many stories of past winners who’ve lost more than they gained.

Poor but happy; sounds like the theme of a country song.

Like this one:

So if you win: God Bless You!

And if not, realize that maybe in losing you really win!