Operation Give Back

This month, in honor of Veteran’s Day, NJ101.5 and First Choice Loan Services have teamed up for a new project entitled Operation: Give BackOperation: Give Back will honor a veteran or someone who is active duty military in need of help with a home makeover! Operation Jersey Cares, an organization that works with active military, and injured and retired vets, has assisted us in picking the entries. The votes have been tallied and we now have our winner!

Congratulations to Michael in Howell, as he is the winner of a home makeover from Operation Jersey Cares! Congratulations and thank you Michael, for your service to this country!

You can read Michael's story below:

Michael is the kind of person that will drop what he is doing to help others. He is a great friend. Michael and his wife maria have 6 daughters ranging from 11 years to 8 months and they live in a town house. They could definitely use the help. Michael recently went through a tough bout with PTSD and had to go to a rehab center for it in north NJ. He has been out of work the last 2 months and his wife has been home with all 6 kids by her self. No one other then other veterans can understand what he's going through but his wife has been very supportive. Luckily she has great family and friends who have been helping her out the last couple months. If there is anything you can do to help them that would be great.