High temperatures yesterday were wide-ranging; lower 50s in far South Jersey, actually even the mid-50s in spots.  It only reached 44 at the last minute in Newark.  There were 30s all day yesterday in NW Jersey, as expected.

Today, we'll have patchy clouds, sunshine and a gusty wind, but highs will be in the mid to upper 40s this afternoon.

Clear to partly cloudy, mid 20s to lower 30s tonight.

Clouding up tomorrow.  Rain is most likely to develop in the afternoon, but then it will change to wet snow late in the day or at night, with some accumulation possible in the order of at least a few inches.  Possibly 4 inches or more in a few spots, but 2-4 inches is the way to go there.

Partly sunny for Thursday with highs in the middle 40s.

It remains to be seen whether a coastal storm will form this weekend will form to impact New Jersey's weather.

We'll have more on that in the next several days.