Before we really begin, we'll mention the 13th tropical storm, actually sub-tropical storm for the moment.

Melissa is way to the east of Bermuda in the Central Atlantic.  We have no concern other than shipping in the days ahead as it becomes more extra tropical down the road.

Mostly sunny skies developing, windy and colder today with highs just around or right over 50.

Clear and much colder tonight in the 20s, but only the low to middle 30s in the big cities and along the shores.

Sunny for Wednesday, just 45 to perhaps 50.

Some clouds may be around Thursday with the wind off the ocean.  Highs will be from 48 to 53.

Some clouds around for Friday, as well, and milder.

There could be a few showers during the course of the day Saturday, but it should be gone with a windy, colder and dry day returning on Sunday.