A window washer got stuck between the eighth and ninth floors of a Trenton office building on Monday but was brought to safety by firefighters.

Fire fighters come up short in their attempt to rescue a window washer off the side of a Trenton building (Brian McCarthy)

The unidentified man became trapped when his rigging failed as he worked late Monday afternoon on the Mary Roebling building according to the Times of Trenton. Fire crews found their ladder was about 20 feet short so they went to the 9th floor and dropped the worker a rope which he was able to tie to himself and be hoisted up.

Witness Brian McCarthy says the man did not panic and showed no tension in his body language.

The Mary Roebling Building is a 12-story state building located at the corner of West State Street and North Warren Street and houses New Jersey Higher Education and the New Jersey Civil Service Commission.  Construction began in 1986 and was completed in 1988.


Photos and video courtesy Brian McCarthy, On Scene News

Window washer trapped on the side of the Mary Roebling Building in Trenton (Brian McCarthy)