We were just taking calls asking people if they'd like to see a big snowstorm for Super Bowl. Just like our online poll, callers agreed they'd want it. Some for different reasons though.

A lot just feel football is about grit and winter weather is part of it. Some feel so strongly that it was a bad idea to have an open air stadium in a cold weather city host Super Bowl that they want a terrible snow event so that the NFL will never do it again. One guy wanted a bad storm just so they'd push back the game to Saturday so he could enjoy the party without dealing with work the next morning.

For whatever your reasons, if you're rooting for snow you might want to check out a website put up by the state climatologist Dr. David Robinson. Almost as soon as it was announced Super Bowl would be held here, he began getting calls asking about the weather. So he and his team researched decades worth of weather data for that region of New Jersey and put all the info up here</strong>.