Following her brutal UFC championship loss to Holly Holm, will Ronda Rousey make her "date" with New Jersey Marine Lance Cpl. Jarrod Haschert to the Marine Ball on Dec. 11?

Haschert is confident she will still be attending.

In an email with New Jersey 101.5, the Somerdale native wrote that he has not heard yet from Rousey to make final arrangements, "but I feel like it's going to happen soon."

Rousey has been staying out of the spotlight as she recovers from the injuries sustained during her loss to Holm. She returned to the United States from the fight in Australia covering her face with a towel without comment to reporters greeting her at the gate.

She has not posted on social media since the fight except to post a message on her Instagram account that said she was "fine" and was taking "a little bit of time."

Neither her management nor the UFC returned emails from New Jersey 101.5 seeking comment.

Despite the beating that Rousey has taken from some fans over the fight, Haschert remains a fan.

"She is amazing champion and we can't wait to have her at our special night. The ball is a night for us to celebrate all the Marine Corps' traditions and accomplishments," wrote Haschert, who is stationed at Camp Lejuune in North Carolina.

When rumors cropped up at the end of October that she might back out because she is dating UFC fighter Travis Browne, Rousey told TMZ Sports she is a "woman of my word" and will make the Dec. 11 formal. "My man understands. He trusts me. So I can go. It ain’t no thang."

Haschert, took to YouTube to ask the fighter to the dance back in September and she accepted — prompting TMZ to confront her and some friends in a supermarket parking lot about the proposal. She didn't forget that her friends needed dates too.

"I hope he’s still got the dates for my girls because we’re making a trip out of it. I’m gonna be bringing all of them, the Four Horsewomen are going," she said at the time. "And if he doesn’t have dates for them, then we‘re just not off to a good start. I’m not gonna leave, but it’ll be like, c’mon man!”