The big question SAT test takers have on their minds: Will Saturday's expected snowstorm cause the tests to be canceled in New Jersey?

The Princeton-based College Board advises students to check the SAT website for the status of test centers before heading out on Saturday morning. Regardless of the status of the center, the College Board advised, "If you don't feel safe traveling on test day, call SAT services at 866-756-7346 for help."

The decision to close a test center is made at the local level.

Many schools hosting SAT tests on Saturday will also report their SAT status to our Stormwatch cancellation and delay program, available via and via our app for iOS and Android.

The College Board advises test takers to not try going to another test center if their locations close.

Many students are taking the test this weekend because it is the last opportunity to take the current version of the test before a new version is introduced on March 5. According to the College Board, the new makeover focuses less on arcane vocabulary words like "lachrymose" and more on real-world learning and analysis by students. There also is no longer a penalty for guessing on the redesigned exam, and the essay will be optional. Students who decide not to write an essay would see about 50 minutes shaved off the length of the test.

The gamble for students is that if they want to take the test again they will have to use the new version of the test.

The College Board said more than 351,000 students registered to take the test on Saturday. That's a nearly 10 percent increase over the number of students registered for last January's exam.


The Associated Press ccontributed to this report

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