With gun violence continuing to plague Trenton, law enforcement officials are pressing ahead with a new plan to crackdown on crooks carrying firearms.

Sign asking for help in curbing gun violence in Trenton (David Matthau, Townsquare Media NJ)

"A terrible epidemic and plague of gun violence has overtaken Trenton, and the time for action is now," said acting New Jersey Attorney General John Hoffman.

He said uniformed and undercover New Jersey State Police officers will be patrolling Trenton.  They will be working side by side with city police to help suppress gun violence and gather intelligence and data.

"Troopers will patrol the most violent areas of the city, providing a direct, visible deterrent to open air drug dealing and wanton violence," said Hoffman.

Prosecutors in Mercer County have also been told there will be no more plea deals for criminals carrying guns in public.  They will have to serve nearly four years behind bars.

Acting New Jersey Attorney General John Hoffman outlines a plan to curb gun violence in Trenton (David Matthau, Townsquare Media NJ)

"There have been 29 murders in Trenton so far this year, already surpassing the total of 24 last year, and quickly approaching the record of 31 murders in 2005," said Hoffman. "The good people of Trenton have simply lived in fear for too long because of the chaos and mayhem that literally happens on a daily basis.  The warzone conditions that we see in this city, that break our hearts in this city are intolerable - and we're here to address that - ideas mean nothing - this is all about results - because results now mean lives."

Hoffman said the message to the thugs terrorizing Trenton is a simple one. "Get your guns off the streets, or we are taking you off the streets."