I was walking down the cereal aisle the other day, and was hit by the seemingly boundless variety of breakfast cereals!

But...is that about to change?

"May the force be with you" at breakfast time! (Craig Allen photo).

Its been all over the news, and on social media the last few days!

Even the "New York Times" is reporting that cereal sales are down...thanks to Millennials!


They quote a survey by the research group "Mintel," finding nearly 40 percent of Millennials view cereal as inconvenient.


Because the cereal eater has to clean up after eating!

On the other hand, an equal percentage of Baby Boomers (40%) say cereal is still their favorite breakfast choice.

And...there's a LOT to choose from!

He's still "Sugar Bear," but its not called "Sugar Crisp" anymore! (Craig Allen photo).

Sugary..and "sugar-free..."

"Bag it...big time!" (Craig Allen photo).

Boxes and bags...

"Solitary Cereal?" Breakfast for one. (Craig Allen photo).

Single serving containers, and bulk packages!

Its "NEW" to me, too! (Craig Allen photo).

And, there's always something "NEW!" to tempt the cereal buyer...especially when the cereal is aimed towards...

Where is Squidward? (Craig Allen photo).


A smiling "Cap'N" and his "donuts," so kid-eye-level...see the floor? (Craig Allen photo).

It's no mistake that the flashiest cereals are at kids'-eye-level!

Note that this "Matterhorn of Raisin Bran" is well above eye-level! (Craig Allen photo).

And, at a time when "everything old is new again," or said another way: RETRO...this display grabbed my attention:

A stand alone, floor display of...Quisp! Welcome, childhood! (Craig Allen photo).

I remember "Quisp" and "Quake" when I was the (annoying) little kid food shopping with my mom...driving her crazy with all the cereals (and snack foods, too) that I just couldn't "live without."

Quisp, a baked paste of cornmeal and a sugary syrup, shaped like saucers, first appeared on store shelves in 1965.

It was marketed alongside Quake cereal, until the late 1970's.

If you're curious, the taste was/is similar to Cap'N Crunch (without Donut Sprinkles).

Corn Flakes is one of the oldest, and first "mass produced" cereals. (Craig Allen photo).

So, what's your favorite cereal?

And, what is your favorite "long lost" cereal? (I hope that they are not ALL "long lost," soon).

I'm partial to frosted wheat...the cereal that Mikey likes...that puffy cocoa stuff, and "tried and true" corn flakes. Thank you, Mr. Kellogg Of Battle Creek, Michigan!

My grandmother made the BEST oatmeal...mine is good, but its not Grandma's... (Craig Allen photo).

And,  on a cold winter morning, there's nothing like a warm, comforting bowl of oatmeal!

Oh...and, if you can find it, some Quisp!

C'mon, Millennials! Get with....tradition...good eats...and AMERICANA!

May the cereal box "live long and prosper!"

Just MY opinion...What say YOU?