Wisconsin's Tanner McEvoy (3) runs against Rutgers linebacker Steve Longa during the second half (AP Photo/Andy Manis)

The future of Rutgers athletics and the football program could be determined this weekend.

NJ.com reported that Rutgers president Robert Barchi has called a meeting with athletic director Julie Hermann this weekend in response to allegations of drug use, armed robberies and academic problems that have plagued the football program all season.  The report speculated that Hermann, who had been in Virginia for the Rutgers women's soccer quarterfinal, was called back to New Jersey to discuss her pending dismissal.  For weeks now, rumors have circulated that both Hermann and football coach Kyle Flood could be fired at the end of the season.

The charges leveled against some members of the Rutgers football team are severe, including an an alleged series of violent break-ins and an alleged unprovoked attack against a student. Star player Leonte Carroo missed games while facing charges — later dismissed — related to a hectic brawl outside of a game. And Flood himself was suspended earlier in the season for discussing a student's grades with a professor.

In an unprecedented vote of no-cofidence, a GoFundMe page set up by a person, self-identified as "Concerned Alumnus," for the purpose of raising $1.5 million to buy out Flood's contract.  Flood, however, told NJ.com that he believes he has the backing of the administration.

In response to the persistent criminal allegations and violations of NCAA rules, the university hired a Kansas-based law firm to conduct a comprehensive review of the football program. Depending on the findings of the firm, this weekend's meeting could be an indication that Herman determined to be culpable.

In the meantime, the Scarlet Knights are facing the final week of their playing season. Scandals and controversy aside, the team is holding out hope that it will qualify for a bowl game.