After a busy day in NYC chasing the star of the @realdonaldtrump transition, Kellyanne Conway, we returned to New Jersey 101.5 as Governor Christie was headed out from his conversation with Eric on #AskTheGov.  He seemed less than pleased to see me and claimed he didn't buy it when I told him I just popped in to say hello because I had to return to the studio so my Chasing News colleague Ashley Hall could retrieve her car.

The question is what's next for the Governor? Based on my conversations in NYC (Kellyanne was gracious enough to spend some time talking to me on camera in the former Trump "War Room" where the President-Elect stood on election night to watch the returns) I'm not certain that the governor is going to be a part of the new administration.

He was somewhat edgy at first and then a bit flippant when talking about the future and who may succeed him.  With the transition team seeming very non-committal, I think we may be seeing the Gov in Trenton for another year.  On a side and not surprising note, the Gov did take a few more shots at my colleagues on Chasing News to which I responded appropriately. But overall he struck me as a guy looking for the next step enjoying the fact that he was able to accomplish playing a role on the national stage and achieving re-election in a blue state.

More to come...