Eleven pilot school districts are in the process of developing standards for  recognizing and rewarding excellence in teaching. Winnowing out bad teachers and rewarding good ones is a goal shared by both Governor Christie and President Obama and others concerned about the deteriorating quality of public education in America. Governor Christie says it will become a major initiative of his administration starting just after next week's election. But it was relegated to "dead on arrival" status this week by Senate President Steve Sweeney who declared he will perform a political abortion by not letting the plan see the light of day in the legislature. He says he will look with favor on the NJEA's proposal that performing schools be rewarded  rather than outstanding teachers individually. Then all union members can split the reward. So bad teachers will share in the fruits of the good ones. Thus the lesson remains: there'll be no reform and consequent improvement in public education in New Jersey so long as the Union sits in mastery over the Legislature.