Yesterday, the big discussion was regarding an "investigation" by Congressman Frank Pallone into the allocation of funds and the bidding process used for the post-Sandy NJ tourism ad campaign.

Governor Chris Christie addresses the Bridgegate emails at a Statehouse press conference (Twitter)

Last week's 'Bridgegate' scandal was barely a week old when news about a planned audit of the Sandy Ad campaign yesterday. Many news outlets started discussing the topic by saying "The latest crisis for Governor Christie." But is it really a crisis? If you want to call it a scandal, so be it. But a crisis? Seems more like the dog pile on top of the rabbit at this point, than anything else.

Whether you believe him or not, we are definitely seeing a much softer, gentler governor. The bad press has definitely softened him. But when the smoke clears, will Governor Chris Christie be ok? Take the poll below and let us know how you think Governor Christie will fare long term from all this negative publicity.