If you're thinking of giving someone a pet this holiday season, don't. It's not fair to you or the animal. First off, just because you may think that person should have a pet doesn't mean that they do. They may have a reason why they don't have a pet and may not want one. If they're older they may not outlive the pet which creates problems for the animal who could possibly be put in a shelter or put down later on. Secondly, not everyone was made to own a pet. Some people can barely take care of themselves let alone a helpless animal.

Also, I believe owning a pet should be a well thought out personal decision. When my sons wanted a dog, I made them wait until they were old enough and responsible enough to take care one. One idea I was given on that subject was to get them a stuffed dog and let them go through the process of taking care of it. When they were ready, they got the dog, and who knew Fluffy would be able to forecast football?

Another reason you should not give a pet is because it's the start of a relationship and as such, the person and pet should be right for each other. Fluffy is the perfect size and hypoallergenic which makes it easier for the kids to keep him under control.

If you really do want to get someone a pet, better you should get them a pet gift card instead. Let them go to the shelter or pet store maybe with you and pick the perfect pet for them. If they don't want that, you can get a refund and get them something else.

In the long run, it may be better off for both of you.

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