Jim discusses the importance of voting in your NJ district as much as possible and here is a great article that points out exactly why it is so important.

Polling location in Manalapan (Townsquare Media)

A report by Michael Phillis notes how some NJ fire districts have passed very high budgets for themselves. In one example, a firefighter in Woodbridge could start making $30,000 per year and within 6 years, could be making as much as $90,000.

Now, with NJ making an effort to save every penny possible, one may ask how is this even possible? The answer is that it is very easy to do when you have low voter turnout. In some areas, the voter turnout was as low as 2%. With no one minding the store, some districts were able to bump their pay grades over the state average and include certain perks as well.

According to Kevin McArdle, It's gotten so bad that a NJ comptroller has recommended that fire elections be moved to November.

Instead of casting your vote for the next American Idol, you should be keeping an eye on your local district and what legislation is being passed. If not, you may have no one to blame but yourself when you see that big hike on your property tax bill.