If you grew up listening to New Jersey 101.5 since we flipped to talk in 1990, you've lived through higher taxes on just about everything you can think of, starting with property taxes, and yet you stayed. Now that many who have lived their whole life in New Jersey are close to either retiring or being in a position to leave, they are splitting the state in droves. So what's in it for the millennials who will inherit New Jersey? What will keep them here?

Many of our millennial audience started out listening while in a car seat with their parents. Now that they're driving both the car and their lives I wonder if they actually can afford to live in the state they grew up in. What's in it for Millennials in New Jersey?

Many will not be able to afford a house based on the aforementioned property taxes, but now it looks like New Jersey will also be taxing whatever pleasure they try to derive living here such as ride sharing, house sharing, or even vaping. It's easy for those in power to propose these taxes because they will probably never use any of these things but it's those young people who do get screwed by having to pay extras for whatever simple pleasures they try to get out of living here.

What exactly is New Jersey doing to attract and keep millennials? I'm not seeing anything. Legalized marijuana would have been nice, and many voted for Governor Murphy expecting it, but since elected you would think they rereleased "Reefer Madness" to the local theatres as more and more towns are trying to legislate it out. Sports betting would also be great but it remains to be seen if we'll ever get that. Anything that would lower taxes would be great start.

It's one thing to tax everything you can think of taxing but if you're going to make the state impossible to afford for people in their twenties, why on earth would they want to stay beyond that? That's a question that New Jersey really needs to answer and fast!

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