I've always avoided traveling to Washington D.C. due to my intense resentment of our federal government. Not the idea, of course — I think the principles and ideas in its creation were genius. It's the vultures and clowns that have corrupted it and turned it into a circus that I abhor and detest.

I was there once as a child on a school or Cub Scout trip, but all I remember is taking a picture of the new RFK Stadium from my window seat with my Brownie camera that I borrowed from an uncle. But as an adult I absolutely refused to go the "mecca of thieves" that I think it has become.

Well, shame on me for being short-sighted.

What a beautiful city and surrounding area. The monuments were nice but the city itself is really worth visiting. The irony is that my tour guide was my Italian cousin who has been living there for six years and he showed me around my nation's capitol. Strange! But then again, I could take him around to a few places in Italy that he has never been to, so there's that.

Of the many great things about New Jersey (too long to list here) among them is our proximity to some amazing cities that we can easily reach for a day trip, like Washington D.C.

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