Today is a planned "Day Without Immigrants." Immigrants, legal or illegal are encouraged to stay home.

Most immigrants I know wouldn't be foolish enough to lose the day's pay and have too strong of a work ethic to participate. This was more than likely the work of some overly college educated, guilty, white, leftist morons who feel before they think and live in the echo chamber of their like minded social media fellow emotional hemophiliacs.

If you're here legally, thank your lucky stars you're here in the best country on the planet. If you're here illegally and haven't committed any serious crimes, you have nothing to worry about, other than losing your spot at work for ditching work.

I know people firsthand that are here illegally and I know how hard they work and how much they love this country. You can bet they'll be at work tomorrow. I also have close immigrant ties since my grandparents came here from southern Europe. I've traced their origins back to exactly where they came from and know the people they left behind.

My parents didn't speak English until they got to school in the first grade. I love the melting pot that is America, or was America. The immigration system needs to be fixed and that means updating laws and following current law to the point of keeping Americans safe.

This so called "Day Without Immigrants" is pointless and counterproductive, most of the immigrants here would be the first to tell you that!

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